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The Wheatley Parable


So, The Stanley Parable creators want me to finish a certain voice pack so they can put it in the game. O_O

Time to get recording…

<3  One of my favority games with one of my favorite voice actor.

So luckyyyyy <3333



My storyboard final! An autobiographical tale of the scariest thing I ever encountered while babysitting.

Waheyyy you posted it! you already know what I think hahah but man this is just such a strong piece, the timings, body language and expressions are spot on, and the use of values really helps set the scene!

And obviously the story itself is just funny as hell haha, what an awesome lil animatic!!

oh god i can’t stop laughing


It’s time for GIVEAWAY!!! YEAH!!

Thank you everyone for follow , liked and reblog my art!!

only ONE PERSON who will gets them!!

you will gets….

- one sketchbook A5 size 48 pages

- five postcards 5”x7”

- my sketch (I’ll draw your request on first page of sketchbook)


- you can enter this even if you don’t follow me

- ONE like, ONE reblog

- I will ship everywhere in the world

- Winners will be chosen by pickatrandom

- Your ask box must be open so i can contact you

- Ends May 12 , at 10:00pm ICT

Good luck ^ v ^

awesome <3